Celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee with 888 Ladies £20K Joypot

2011 may have been the year of the Royal Wedding but 2012 will be remembered for the Queen’s 50th Jubilee, the Olympics and quite possibly the end of the world (although we are very sceptical on this last point). 888 ladies bingo is planning a huge shindig to celebrate the happiest event, the Queen’s 50th year on the throne.

£20K for free – that’s a cracking celebration

The game is set to take place on June 1st 2012 and tickets are available for free to both new and existing players on the wink bingo site. To claim free tickets you’ll need to earn at least 500 pot points, which equals one free card. There’s plenty of ways to win these points too, some of which are free. The quickest way to get the ball rolling is to fire off an email to Wink explaining what you plan to do for the Queen’s Jubilee (have a party, watch TV in your pants or absolutely nothing) which will gain you 20 quick points.

You will also gain 5 points for winning a bingo game on the gold pattern, 2 points for every £10 wagered on bingo cards, 1 point for every £50 wagered on instant and side games and 1 point if you bingo on lucky 88. You can gain points on any of the joy of bingo sites (Wink bingo, posh bingo, bingo street, red bus bingo, tasty bingo), but the game itself actually plays at 888 ladies bingo.

The game

The game plays at 10pm on June 1st 2012 with a total prize pot of £20,000. This fund will be split between three top prizes of one line, two lines and three lines.

So to be in with a chance you simply need to pop along to any of the sites listed above to earn free points. Alternatively you can buy tickets right now for £2 each, which will be played if you turn up or not. It sounds like it’s going to be a real hoot and a great place to celebrate the Queen’s half century as our Monarch, will you be there?

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