Gala TV Grandmother Wins £100,000

A pensioner celebrated a £110,000 win after staking just 15p on a live game on Gala TV. The 63 year old grandmother from Bradford has chosen to keep her identity a secret but has revealed a few snippets of information on both her win and what she may spend the winnings on.

The win was actually unnoticed by the retired shop keeper, it wasn’t until her fellow roomies pointed it out that she realised how lucky the game has been. The game took place on the gala bingo website, the new home for Gala TV.

Stunned by her new found wealth, she said “This win is absolutely fantastic. I can now enjoy my retirement in style.” She continued “My husband and I have always longed to visit New York and thanks to this win on Gala TV I can now book the trip we’ve always dreamed of.”

She continued: “After my trip I’m looking forward to sharing my winnings with my children and five beautiful grandchildren! With such a huge jackpot there will even be enough to treat myself to a new three-piece suite and some laser eye surgery. What a great start to 2011!”

So a fantastic win that we hope will be repeated soon.

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